Ryoichi Nozaki

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PURPOSE The purpose of this study was the evaluation of various factors in the formulation of guidelines for treatment of early invasive colorectal cancer, in which malignant cells extend through the muscularis mucosa into the submucosa but do not deeply invade the muscularis propria. METHOD A total of 182 patients were followed for at least five years or(More)
One of the problems associated with infliximab (IFX) treatment for Crohn’s disease (CD) is loss of response during maintenance therapy. The aim of this multicenter, retrospective, cohort study was to determine whether enteral nutrition (EN) added to the IFX therapy regimen is effective for maintaining remission in adult CD patients. Patients with CD who had(More)
PURPOSE We analyzed the results of a long-term follow-up surveillance of patients with colorectal polyps after endoscopic polypectomy in terms of the cumulative incidence of subsequent colorectal cancer and the clinicopathologic characteristics of carcinomas detected by colonoscopy. METHOD The study cohort consisted of 6,715 patients who had received(More)
BACKGROUND We compared the prevalence of colorectal adenoma (polyps) in men and women and examined the role of body mass index (BMI) on polyp risk according to patient age and gender. METHODS The risk of developing colorectal polyps was studied in 15 380 subjects (7155 men and 8225 women) who underwent colonoscopy for the first time from April 1998 to(More)
BACKGROUND We have demonstrated that the inducibility of endogenous TNF (en-TNF) by colorectal tumor cells is a factor in predicting a patient prognosis. The prognoses of colorectal tumor patients with the K-ras gene mutations in their tumors were poorer to those of patients with the wild type gene. Therefore, we analyzed the possible relationship between(More)
Peripheral pulmonary arterial aneurysm has rarely been reported, and although most cases show symptoms of hemoptysis. We experienced a case of idiopathic peripheral pulmonary arterial aneurysm in the asymptomatic period noted on medical examination. The patient was a 49-year-old man with coin lesion which was 15 mm in diameter in the right lower lung field(More)
but at this stage not infrequently a slight nervous symptom can already observed in some. Fundamentally they have paralytic symptoms of the pyramidal and Goll's tracts of spinal cord. Visual disturbance is 36% and the principal symptoms of visual disturbance are the decrease in the vision and narrowing of the vision field. Although such nervous symptoms(More)
To retrospectively evaluate the frequencies and magnitudes of adverse events associated with computed tomographic colonography (CTC) for screening, diagnosis and preoperative staging of colorectal cancer. A Japanese national survey on CTC was administered by use of an online survey tool in the form of a questionnaire. The questions covered mortality,(More)