Ryoichi Kaneki

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In order to reduce nitrogen and phosphorous loads flowing out from paddy fields, the effects of no-puddling and coated fertilizer were examined. First, pot examination was performed in order to clarify the influence of puddling on nitrogen and phosphorous concentration in the ponding water on paddy soils. The experiment was conducted three times under the(More)
This study estimated the inputs of four paddy herbicides in the entire river inflow reaching Lake Biwa, the largest lake in Japan, which serves as a water resource for 14 million people. The Uso River and the Hino River, the main contaminated rivers among the inflow rivers, were selected as daily and hourly monitoring sites to provide data on the seasonal(More)
Charging phenomenon caused by ion implantation into the photo-resist has been evaluated with use of a surface potential measurement tool to clarify the mechanism of burst-like discharge of the accumulated charge in medium current implantation machines. The molecular bond of the photo-resist is cleaved by the kinetic energy of the implanted impurity ions(More)
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