Ryoichi Ishihara

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SUMMARY We review our recent achievements in monolithic 3D-ICs and flexible electronics based on single-grain Si TFTs that are fabricated inside a single-grain with a low-temperature process. Based on pulsed-laser crystallization and submicron sized cavities made in the substrate, amorphous-Si precursor film was converted into poly-Si having grains that are(More)
—Carbon nanotubes (CNT) can be an attractive candidate for vertical interconnects in 3D monolithic integration, due to their excellent thermal and electrical properties. In this paper we investigate the use of a true bottom-up approach to fabricate CNT vias, for application in 3D monolithic integration. This circumvents metal deposition in high aspect ratio(More)
SUMMARY CMOS poly-Si thin-film transistors (TFTs) were fabricated through crystallization and GILD processes by a novel selected area laser assisted (SALA) system. The system enables a local area irradiation of small beams of a pulsed solid-state laser of frequency tripled Nd:YAG. The novel TFT process eliminated 3 doping mask steps of the conventional(More)
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