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We study the bandwidth and the pathwidth of multi-dimensional grids. It can be shown for grids, that these two parameters are equal to a more basic graph parameter, the vertex boundary width. Using this fact, we determine the bandwidth and the pathwidth of three-dimensional grids, which were known only for the cubic case. As a by-product, we also determine(More)
To identify π ± and K ± in the region of 1.0 ∼ 2.5 GeV/c, a threshold Cherenkov counter equipped with silica aerogels has been investigated. Silica aerogels with a low refractive index of 1.013 have been successfully produced using a new technique. By making use of these aerogels as radiators, we have constructed a Cherenkov counter and have checked its(More)
We have developed a Monte-Carlo simulation code for an aerogelČerenkov Counter which is operated under a strong magnetic field such as 1.5T. This code consists of two parts: photon transportation inside aerogel tiles, and one-dimensional amplification in a fine-mesh photomultiplier tube. It simulates the output photo-electron yields as accurately as 5% with(More)
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