Ryohei Nakamura

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Feral raccoons (Procyon lotor) have been increasing in number since 1979 and are currently subject to pest control in Hokkaido. One of the reasons for the increase in numbers is thought to be the high reproductive potential of raccoons, but little is known about their reproduction. The main aim of this study was to clarify seasonal changes in(More)
The RCS of a radar target is an important factor related with the radar performance such as the detection, tracking and classification. When dealing with the design of radar system for 26/79GHz short/middle-range radars allocated for next generation perimeter surveillance radars, it is essential to know individual RCS of typical vehicles and pedestrian.(More)
DNA methylation is a fundamental epigenetic modification in vertebrate genomes and a small fraction of genomic regions is hypomethylated. Previous studies have implicated hypomethylated regions in gene regulation, but their functions in vertebrate development remain elusive. To address this issue, we generated epigenomic profiles that include(More)
Understanding cell-to-cell variability in cytosine methylation is essential for understanding cellular perturbation and its molecular machinery. However, conventional methylation studies have focused on the differences in the average levels between cell types while overlooking methylation heterogeneity within cell types. Little information has been(More)
This paper presents a respiratory rate monitoring sensor using stepped-FM ultra-wideband impulse-radio (UWB-IR), which does not require high speed A/D devices unlike conventional UWB-IR sensors. This sensor is also capable of co-existing with other narrowband systems operating in overlaid frequency band, since it can be designed to have any spectrum hole(More)
Teleosts have an asymmetrical caudal fin skeleton formed by the upward bending of the caudal-most portion of the body axis, the ural region. This homocercal type of caudal fin ensures powerful and complex locomotion and is regarded as one of the most important innovations for teleosts during adaptive radiation in an aquatic environment. However, the(More)
Ultra-wideband impulse-radio has some advantages for indoor high speed wireless communication such as high multipath tolerability and low power consumption. Rake diversity combining is one of the most effective techniques for improving the signal to noise ratio. The improvement depends on the number of correlation detectors (Rake fingers) in receiver.(More)
Human motion sensor such as infra-red, video camera and Doppler has attracted attention as in-home monitor sensor. Recently, ultra-wideband (UWB) radio sensor has attracted considerable attention because of its ranging some motion object. This paper presents an in-home monitoring sensor system using stepped-FM UWB radio which can estimate the human motion(More)
Transcription start sites (TSSs) with pronounced and phased nucleosome arrays downstream and nucleosome-depleted regions upstream of TSSs are observed in various species. We have characterized sequence variation and expression properties of this set of TSSs (which we call “Nucleocyclic TSSs”) using germline and somatic cells of three medaka (Oryzias(More)