Ryohei Komiyama

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Traditional telepresence systems only supported first person view and users had difficulty in recognizing the surrounding situation of their remote workspace. <i>JackIn Space</i> is a telepresence system that solves this problem by seamlessly integrating first person view with third person view. With a head-mounted first person camera and multiple depth(More)
We have proposed a novel microfluidic device for nanoparticle synthesis which is integrated with a pH sensing electrode array for in situ real time pH monitoring and a passive mixer for effective reaction of two chemical fluids within a small scaled microfluidic device. The passive mixer is fabricated with three glass substrates and the mixing channel is(More)
We are developing a wireless sensor network system for the lake water quality monitoring, which consists of sensor module, wireless transceiver module, control IC's and power module. In the sensor module, sensors to monitor the water quality such as pH sensor, turbidity sensor, chlorophyll concentration sensor and dissolved oxygen concentration sensor, will(More)
In this paper, we report the fabrication and experiment results of carbon nanotube (CNT) based micropreconcentrator. In our micropreconcentrator, the CNT are applied as the adsorption structures to trap and detect trace level volatile organic compounds (VOC) gas for human breath analysis. Our CNT based micropreconcentrator is designed and its performance is(More)
Redox flow battery is one of secondary batteries, which is a kind of a fuel cell because it also utilizes active material supplied externally. It has been paid attention since it has been considered as a solution for large-scale energy storage. We miniaturized the cell of Zn/Br redox flow battery as an energy source for a sensor node of wireless sensor(More)
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