Ryohei Komiya

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This paper discusses an approach towards automatic recognition of emotion in speech using computer. First, a design for the emotion recognizer is proposed. LP analysis algorithm has been used for the speech emotion parameter extraction. A total of 22 speech features have been selected to represent each emotion. A database consisting of emotional Malay and(More)
In this paper, we propose a methodology to drive innovation from isolated service islands into the global social service network to connect the islands. First, we propose Linked social service-specific principles based on Linked Data principles for publishing services on the open web as linked social services using our new service model, and then an(More)
It is considered that Web services have had a tremendous impact on the web as a potential silver bullet for supporting a distributed service-based economy on a global scale. However, despite the outstanding progress, their uptake on a web scale has been significantly less than initially anticipated. Isolated service islands without links to related services(More)
Automatic Service Composition (ASC) provides a new value-added service from existing services by user's request dynamically and automatically. User's requests consist of functional and nonfunctional requirements. During service composition, services that fulfill the functional requirements are located at the discovery stage. Abstract nonfunctional(More)
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