Ryohei Iwasaki

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To cultivate the use of trans-splicing as a novel means to rapidly express various antibody fusion proteins, we tried to express antibody-reporter enzyme fusions in a COS-1 co-transfection model. When a vector designed to induce trans-splicing with IgH pre-mRNA was co-transfected with a vector encoding the mouse IgM locus, the expression of V(H)-secreted(More)
While there are many hybridization-based DNA sensors, few of them can detect native double-stranded DNA, which is most commonly found in physiological conditions. Here we made novel fluorosensor proteins comprised of a pair of two zinc fingers tethered with an N-terminal dimerization motif and a C-terminal yellow fluorescent protein fragment (split eYFP) to(More)
Antibody fragments and their fusion proteins are indispensable tools as immunoassay reagents in diagnostics and molecular/cellular biotechnology. However, bacterial expression of cloned antibody genes with correct tertiary structure is not always guaranteed because of the lack of proper folding machinery and/or post-translational modifications. In addition,(More)
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