Ryohei Funaki

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We propose and evaluate two methods for accelerating differential evolution and interactive differential evolution (IDE). The first acceleration method, which we call DE/gravity, aims to realize performance similar to that of paired-comparison-based IDE/best while removing the requirement that the IDE user must choose the best individual among all displayed(More)
When a patient difficult to eat, he will not be only malnutrition, but loses a volition of his life and falls into depression. This time, we present a patient with relapse advanced pharynx cancer, who could not ingestion. Therefore she had said "DEATH". She tried eagerly rehabilitation of ingestion, swallowing and breathing, and she was able to eat again(More)
Recently, the importance of home medical care has been stressed. But patients, those assisting them and home care nurses do not attach much importance to oral and dental care in home medical care. When we visit patients who have asked for dental treatment through home care nurses, they appeared to have very poor oral hygiene; cavities were uncared for,(More)