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—Differential games are multi-agent versions of optimal control problems, which have been used for modeling control systems of smart grids. Thus, a differential-game theoretic approach is a promising mathematical framework enabling to discuss a demand-side energy management system where there are multiple decision-making entities. This paper first indicates(More)
SUMMARY Differential games are considered an extension of optimal control problems, which are used to formulate centralized control problems in smart grids. Optimal control theory is used to study systems consisting of one agent with one objective, whereas differential games are used to formulate systems consisting of multiple agents with multiple(More)
This paper proposes an RGBD cameras-based wireless environment prediction and presents an implementation of a proactive traffic control system using the prediction results. In millimeter-wave and terahertz communications, frame loss rate increases and throughput is decreased tremendously when pedestrians block line-of-sight paths. Such serious human(More)
In recent years, robots are entering into our daily life. Many researches have been carried out for human-robot coexistence and cooperation purpose. In our research, we proposed concept for autonomous mobile robot to carry luggage automatically to the destination and return to the original location from the destination automatically. This concept includes(More)
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