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We have studied the electronic structure at the heterointerface between the band insulators LaAlO3 and SrTiO3 using in situ photoemission spectroscopy. Our experimental results clearly reveal the formation of a notched structure on the SrTiO3 side due to band bending at the metallic LaAlO3/TiO2-SrTiO3 interface. The structure, however, is absent at the(More)
As the first demonstration of Faraday effect in a TGG ceramics, its Verdet constant at 1053 nm is evaluated to be 36.4 rad/Tm at room temperature which is same as that of the single crystal. In addition, the temperature dependence of Verdet constant is obtained experimentally. At liquid helium temperature, it is 87 times greater than that at room(More)
The driving and damping mechanism of plasma flow is an important issue because flow shear has a significant impact on turbulence in a plasma, which determines the transport in the magnetized plasma. Here we report clear evidence of the flow damping due to stochastization of the magnetic field. Abrupt damping of the toroidal flow associated with a transition(More)
This paper provides a software application of the sampling scope concept for fusion research. The time evolution of Thomson scattering data is reconstructed with a high temporal resolution during a modulated electron cyclotron resonance heating (MECH) phase. The amplitude profile and the delay time profile of the heat pulse propagation are obtained from the(More)
The temperature dependence of the thermo-optic effect in cryogenically cooled Yb:YAG ceramics was evaluated by measuring the thermo-optic coefficient (the derivative of refractive index with respect to temperature, i.e., dn/dT), thermal expansion coefficient (α), and thermal conductivity (κ) between 70 and 300 K. These parameters significantly improved at(More)
The Thomson scattering diagnostic systems are widely used for the measurements of absolute local electron temperatures and densities of fusion plasmas. In order to obtain accurate and reliable temperature and density data, careful calibrations of the system are required. We have tried several calibration methods since the second LHD experiment campaign in(More)
This paper evaluates the accuracy of electron temperature measurements and relative transmissivities of double-pass Thomson scattering diagnostics. The electron temperature (Te) is obtained from the ratio of signals from a double-pass scattering system, then relative transmissivities are calculated from the measured Te and intensity of the signals. How(More)
A novel configuration of the multi-pass Thomson scattering (TS) system is proposed to improve the time resolution and accuracy of electron temperature measurements by use of a polarization control technique. This configuration can realize a perfect coaxial multi-passing at each pass, and the number of round trips is not limited by the optical configuration.(More)
The thermally induced depolarization and Verdet constant of CeF<sub>3</sub> crystals-their most important characteristics-have been studied in the 79-293 K temperature range. It has been found that thermal effects reduce substantially upon cooling down to 79 K and the Verdet constant grows in inverse proportion to the temperature. It was shown that(More)
The thermal-birefringence-induced depolarization in terbium gallium garnet (TGG) ceramics has been investigated experimentally. The depolarization ratio of 6.1×10(-4) has been observed at the maximum input power of 117 W cw, which corresponds to a normalized laser power of p=0.14. As predicted by the previously proposed theory, the amount of depolarization(More)