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We have searched for intermediate-scale anisotropy in the arrival directions of ultrahigh-energy cosmic rays with energies above 57 EeV in the northern sky using data collected over a 5 year period by the surface detector of the Telescope Array experiment. We report on a cluster of events that we call the hotspot, found by oversampling using 20 •-radius(More)
Since a dance motion is represented as a temporal sequence of poses, comparison of motion data is reduced to the comparison of individual poses. In the present paper, the pose comparison problem is basically solved by 2D correlation assuming that human motion is bound by gravity. Therefore, dance motion analysis is discussed based on correlation matrices(More)
A novel method is proposed for virtual view generation of traditional dances. In the proposed framework, a traditional dance is captured separately for appearance registration and motion registration. By coordinating the appearance and motion data, we can easily control virtual camera motion within a dancer-centered coordinate system. For this purpose, a(More)
A color blending method for generating a high quality image sequence of human motion is presented. The 3D human shape is reconstructed by volume intersection and expressed as a set of voxels. As each voxel is observed as different colors from different cameras, voxel color needs to be assigned appropriately from several colors. We present a color blending(More)
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