Ryo Nozawa

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Treatment of antiaromatic nickel(II) norcorrole with potassium cyanide provided nickel(II) 3-cyanonorcorrole with perfect regioselectivity without the help of a catalyst. The reaction of the nickel(II) norcorrole with phenol or thiophenol in the presence of a base also yielded substitution products. The antiaromatic 16π conjugation system in the norcorrole(More)
While hydrogenated porphyrins are abundant in natural and synthetic compounds, antiaromatic hydrogenated porphyrinoids have not been synthesized to date. Here, we report bacteriochlorin-like Ni(II) tetrahydronorcorrole complexes as the first examples of antiaromatic porphyrinoids that contain saturated pyrrole units.
Aromaticity is a key concept in organic chemistry. Even though this concept has already been theoretically extrapolated to three dimensions, it usually still remains restricted to planar molecules in organic chemistry textbooks. Stacking of antiaromatic π-systems has been proposed to induce three-dimensional aromaticity as a result of strong frontier(More)
A novel synthetic procedure for meso-aryl-substituted corrphycenes has been developed. Suzuki-Miyaura coupling of α,α'-dibromodipyrrin with vic-diborylalkene and o-diborylbenzene afforded ethenylene- and phenylene-bridged bisdipyrrins, respectively, which were transformed to the corresponding corrphycenes upon treatment with palladium acetate. The bridging(More)
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