Ryo Kikuchi

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Recently, several efforts to implement and use an unconditionally secure multi-party computation (MPC) scheme have been put into practice. These implementations are passively secure MPC schemes in which an adversary must follow the MPC schemes. Although passively secure MPC schemes are efficient, passive security has the strong restriction concerning the(More)
The problem of the release of anonymized microdata is an important topic in the fields of statistical disclosure control (SDC) and privacy preserving data publishing (PPDP), and yet it remains sufficiently unsolved. In these research fields, k-anonymity has been widely studied as an anonymity notion for mainly deterministic anonymization algorithms, and(More)
We provide a garbling scheme which creates garbled circuits of a very small constant size (four bits per gate) for circuits with fan-out one (formulas). For arbitrary fan-out, we additionally need only two ciphertexts per additional connection of each gate output wire. We make use of a trapdoor permutation for which we define a generalized notion of(More)