Ryo Kawamura

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This paper presents work carried out for a project to develop a new interactive technique that combines haptic sensation with computer graphics. The project has two goals. The first is to provide users with a spatially continuous surface on which they can effectively touch an image using any part of their bare hand, including the palm. The second goal is to(More)
We compute relative position distributions of distant sites along discretized semiflexible polymers, focusing on encounter statistics for pairs of sites along a double-stranded DNA molecule (dsDNA), using a transfer-matrix approach. We generalize the usual semiflexible polymer, considering nonlinear elasticity effects arising from inhomogeneities which(More)
We have analyzed the topological organization of chromatin inside mitotic chromosomes. We show that mitotic chromatin is heavily self-entangled through experiments in which topoisomerase (topo) II is observed to reduce mitotic chromosome elastic stiffness. Single chromosomes were relaxed by 35% by exogenously added topo II in a manner that depends on(More)
OBJECTIVE This study aimed to clarify the experience of bereaved family members of cancer patients regarding the usefulness of religious care (perceived usefulness). The value of this care to palliate psycho-existential suffering in future patients was also examined (predicted usefulness). METHODS A questionnaire was sent to 592 bereaved family members of(More)
The incidence of aneuploidy in eggs from women of advanced reproductive age can exceed 60 %, making the mammalian egg a unique model system to study the mechanisms of chromosome segregation errors. Here we applied a novel biophysical chromosome stretching approach to quantify mechanical stiffness of meiotic chromosomes in the mammalian egg and then(More)
Eukaryote cells dramatically reorganize their long chromosomal DNAs to facilitate their physical segregation during mitosis. The internal organization of folded mitotic chromosomes remains a basic mystery of cell biology; its understanding would likely shed light on how chromosomes are separated from one another as well as into chromosome structure between(More)
This paper aims at introducing 'CyberDome', a PCClustered Projection Based VR Display, where the illusion of immersion is realized by projecting stereo images into a hemi-spherical screen. With the help of our developed distortion correction software, the system is capable of displaying life size, stereoscopic, distortion free images on the screen with a(More)
A new method for E. coli DNA segment classification on promoters and non-promoters is presented. The algorithm is based on the independent component analysis (ICA). Since the DNA segments are composed of discrete symbols, this paper contains two major steps: (1) position-dependent transformation of DNA segments to real number sequences, and (2) applications(More)
Magnetic carriers with efficient loading, delivery, and release of drugs are required for magnetically guided drug delivery system (DDS) as the potential cancer therapy. The present article describes the fabrication of porous FePt capsules approximately 340 nm in diameter with large pores of 20 nm in an ultrathin shell of 10 nm and demonstrates their(More)