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This paper quantifies the procyclical effects of bank capital requirements in a general equilibrium model where financing of capital goods production is subject to an agency problem. At the center of this problem is the interaction between entrepreneurs' moral hazard and liquidity provision by banks as analyzed by Holmstrom and Tirole (1998). We impose(More)
Papers in the Bank of Japan Working Paper Series are circulated in order to stimulate discussion and comments. Views expressed are those of authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the Bank. If you have any comment or question on the working paper series, please contact each author. When making a copy or reproduction of the content for commercial(More)
The views expressed in this paper are solely those of the authors and should not be interpreted as reflecting those of the Bank of Japan or the International Department. We thank our colleagues at the Bank of Japan for helpful comments. We are particularly indebted to Koichiro Kamada (Research and Statistics Department) for his valuable comments on the(More)
BACKGROUND Cigarette smoke induced oxidative stress has been shown to reduce silent information regulator 1 (Sirt1) levels in lung tissue from smokers and patients with COPD patients. Sirt1 is known to inhibit endothelial senescence and may play a protective role in vascular cells. Endothelial progenitor cells (EPCs) are mobilized into circulation under(More)
We examine the role of bank leverage to explain why the 2007-08 financial crisis unfolded at a time when the economy appears to be less fragile to crisis risks. To this end, we extend the model introduced by Diamond and Rajan (2012) to a variant where the probability of financial crises varies endogenously. In our model, aggregate liquidity shock plays a(More)
  • Mitsuru Katagiri, Ryo Kato, Takayuki Tsuruga, Mitsuru Katagiriy, Ryo Katoz, Takayuki Tsurugax
  • 2013
A fast growing literature on small open economy models with pecuniary external-ities has provided the theoretical grounds for the policy analysis of macro prudential regulations. Using the framework of Jeanne and Korinek (2010), we investigate whether a subsidy on debt during crises as a form of bailout can outperform prudential capital controls. We show(More)
The acoustic reflection technique noninvasively measures airway cross-sectional area vs. distance functions and uses a wave tube with a constant cross-sectional area to separate incidental and reflected waves introduced into the mouth or nostril. The accuracy of estimated cross-sectional areas gets worse in the deeper distances due to the nature of marching(More)
Discussion Papers are a series of manuscripts in their draft form. They are not intended for circulation or distribution except as indicated by the author. For that reason Discussion Papers may not be reproduced or distributed without the written consent of the author. Abstract Using a macroeconomic perspective, we examine the effect of uncertainty arising(More)
Bank of Canada working papers are theoretical or empirical works-in-progress on subjects in economics and finance. The views expressed in this paper are those of the author. No responsibility for them should be attributed to the Bank of Canada. Abstract Although the concept of monetary policy lag has historical roots deep in the monetary economics(More)