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For a set S of n points in the plane, a Manhattan network on S is a geometric network G(S) such that, for each pair of points in S, G(S) contains a rectilinear path between them of length equal to their distance in the L1-metric. The minimum Manhattan network problem is a problem of finding a Manhattan network of minimum length. Gudmundsson, Levcopoulos,(More)
A variety of services utilizing users' positions have become available because of rapid advances in Global Positioning System (GPS) technologies. Since location information may reveal private information, preserving location privacy has become a significant issue. We proposed a dummy-based method of anonymizing location to protect this privacy in our(More)
The “cvpaper.challenge” is a group composed of members from AIST, Tokyo Denki Univ. (TDU), and Univ. of Tsukuba that aims to systematically summarize papers on computer vision, pattern recognition, and related fields. For this particular review, we focused on reading the ALL 602 conference papers presented at the CVPR2015, the premier annual computer vision(More)
We consider a competitive bank loan market model where the marginal costs of managing and monitoring loans are assumed to increase as borrowers' net worth decreases. We show that the responsiveness of equilibrium bank loan rates to changes in interbank money market rates become weaker as borrowers' net worth decreases. In other words, monetary policy(More)
This paper reviews the experience of US monetary policy from 2000 to shed some light on issues regarding the effectiveness of monetary policy in a low inßation era. Our analysis is twofold. First, based on a simple inßation forecast targeting model introduced in Svensson (1997) and Kato and Nishiyama (2002) as its variant, we demonstrate that the actual(More)
Finding a safe and efficient carrier of hydrogen is a major challenge. Recently, hydrogenated organic compounds have been studied as hydrogen storage materials because of their ability to stably and reversibly store hydrogen by forming chemical bonds; however, these compounds often suffer from safety issues and are usually hydrogenated with hydrogen at high(More)
Interactions between sodium montmorillonite (Na-MMT) and a variety of probes, some of which are intended to model components of a polyurethane system, have been studied. Particular attention was given to the effect of preadsorbed water on the adsorption behavior of the probes. Flow microcalorimetry (FMC), diffuse reflectance Fourier transform infrared(More)
The hypoglycemic and antidiabetic effect of hydroxypropyl tapioca starch (HPTS, degree of substitution = 0.180) was investigated in male KKAy mice. Mice were fed a purified high-fat (20%) diet without or with HPTS (5% or 10%) for 33 d. Gelatinized tapioca starch (TS) was used as a reference. Fasting blood glucose concentrations, days 14 and 28, were(More)