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The chaperonin GroEL interacts with various proteins, leading them to adopt their correct conformations with the aid of GroES and ATP. The actual mechanism is still being debated. In this study, by use of cryo-electron microscopy, we determined the solution structure of the Thermus thermophilus GroEL-GroES complex encapsulating its substrate proteins. We(More)
Modern smartphones and tablets have magnetometers that can be used to detect yaw, which data can be distributed to adjust ambient media. Either static (pointing) or dynamic (twirling) modes can be used to modulate multimodal displays, including 360° imagery and virtual environments. Azimuthal tracking especially allows control of horizontal planar(More)
The retention time of attenuated chemotactic response to continuous presentation of odorant diacetyl was investigated in the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans. The level of chemotactic response of nematodes pre-exposed to diacetyl for 90 min was significantly smaller than that of nonexposed control nematodes. In this study, wild-type (N2) nematodes were(More)
Mutation burden in a tumor, presumably involving neo-antigens in the tumor tissue, is also thought to be one of the better predictors for the efficacy of immune checkpoint inhibitors. However, it is difficult to analyze the mutation burden routinely in the clinic. Here, we describe more convenient factors that can be used as surrogate markers of mutation(More)
Continuous presentation of the odorant diacetyl to the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans causes a decrease in the level of chemotactic response to diacetyl. This decline in response is caused by diacetyl adaptation. When wild-type nematodes were maintained at 15°C after pre-exposure to diacetyl, diacetyl adaptation did not continue up to 2 hr. Adaptation(More)
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