Ryo Kanbayashi

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In this paper, we propose a software testing environment, called D-Cloud, using cloud computing technology and virtual machines with fault injection facility. Nevertheless, the importance of high dependability in a software system has recently increased, and exhaustive testing of software systems is becoming expensive and time-consuming, and, in many cases,(More)
Various information systems are widely used in information society era, and the demand for highly dependable system is increasing year after year. However, software testing for such a system becomes more difficult due to the enlargement and the complexity of the system. In particular, it is too difficult to test parallel and distributed systems sufficiently(More)
Software Testing is a challenging activity for many software engineering projects and it is one of the five main technical activity areas of the software engineering lifecycle that still poses substantial challenges. Testing software requires enough resources and budget to complete it successfully. But most of the organizations face the challenges to(More)
Treatment of 1-(2'-bromo-3',4'-dialkoxybenzyl)-1,2,3, 4-tetrahydroisoquinoline carbamates, 1a,c, with excess alkyllithium gave 8-oxoberbines, 2a,c, which were successively attacked in situ with another molecule of alkyllithium to give 1,2 and/or 1,4 addition products. A primary alkyllithium, such as MeLi or BuLi, gave a 1,2 addition product,(More)
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