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Product manufacture and distribution requires accurate inventory control of high quality. The μ-chip, a small inexpensive chip with a radio frequency identification (RFID) [1] can be attached to paper media and other small goods, for counterfeit prevention and product tracking in markets. Reduced cost and increased mechanical stress endurance, achieved by(More)
  • Ryo Imura
  • 2005 IEEE Conference on Emerging Technologies and…
  • 2005
Electronic coding of products and documents using RFID backed by the ubiquitous computing brings new business and secure life styles. The world smallest wireless silicon IC "mu-chip" storing a unique 128 bits ROM ID code number has been developed for a reliable automatic authentication through a network based secure ID management. Its extremely small size(More)
  • Ryo Imura
  • 2006 IEEE Conference on Emerging Technologies and…
  • 2006
The goal of the ubiquitous computing and networking is that computers are embedded in everywhere & everything for easy access to control over the entire social infrastructure. Networked RFID technology is one of the essential key for driving the ubiquitous to realize secure and easy access from anyone, anything, anywhere and anytime, which contributes(More)
0272-1732/01/$10.00  2001 IEEE There is an ever increasing demand for improved electronic system solutions to support such fields as manufacturing, product distribution and sales, finance, transportation, and customer service. In manufacturing, electronic system solutions strictly control individual product quality. As for product distribution and sales,(More)
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