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This paper proposes a new edge-based authentication scheme for network coding. Many authentication schemes for random linear network coding have been proposed against pollution attacks. However, random linear network coding is vulnerable to entropy attacks. An adversary can generate messages that are verified as correct messages by the authentication(More)
Applying magnetic fields has been the method of choice to magnetize non-magnetic materials, but they are difficult to focus. The magneto-electric effect and voltage-induced magnetization generate magnetization by applied electric fields, but only in special compounds or heterostructures. Here we demonstrate that a simple metal such as gold can be magnetized(More)
The Peltier effect modulates the temperature of a junction comprising two different conductors in response to charge currents across the junction, which is used in solid-state heat pumps and temperature controllers in electronics. Recently, in spintronics, a spin counterpart of the Peltier effect was observed. The 'spin Peltier effect' modulates the(More)
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