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A requirements analysis step plays a significant role on the development of information systems, and in this step we produce various kinds of abstract models of the systems (called requirements models) according to the adopted development processes, e.g. class diagrams in the case of adopting object-oriented development. However, constructing these models(More)
Robot technologies, such as robot technology middleware (RTM) that is a component-oriented platform, are popular. However, RTM does not ensure stable real-time processing in common object request broker architecture. In this paper, a collaboration framework of RTM and TOPPERS embedded component system (TECS) is proposed to address this problem. TECS, a(More)
Quinones can accept two electrons and two protons, and are involved in electron transfer and proton transfer reactions in photosynthetic reaction centers. To date, the pK a of these quinones in aqueous solution have not been reported. We calculated the pK a of the initial protonation (Q·− to QH·) and the second protonation (QH− to QH2) of 1,4-quinones using(More)
Metastatic spermatic cord (SC) tumor is extremely rare. Recently, we experienced a case of late-onset metastatic SC tumor from cecal cancer. This case is a 68-year-old man presenting with a painless right SC mass. He had undergone a right hemicolectomy for cecal cancer 6 years ago. Radical orchiectomy and adjuvant chemotherapy with S-1 were performed. No(More)
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