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PURPOSE Feasibility study of two-layered dissolving microneedles for percutaneous delivery of peptide/proteins using recombinant human growth hormone (rhGH) and desmopressin (DDAVP). METHODS Two-layered dissolving microneedles were administered percutaneously to the rat skin. Plasma rhGH and DDAVP concentrations were measured by EIA and LC/MS/MS. In vivo(More)
Erythropoietin (EPO) was successfully loaded on self-dissolving micropile array (SDMA) chip using chondroitin sulfate as the base polymer. "Drug glue" was prepared by adding EPO solution to chondroitin sulfate solution and SDMA was formed by micromolding fabrication technology. One SDMA chip, 1.0x1.0 cm, contained 100 micropile arrays. Two types of SDMA,(More)
BACKGROUND This study tested the hypothesis that dissolving microneedles are a useful transdermal drug delivery system (TDDS) for insulin. METHODS Insulin was loaded on a patch (1.0 cm2) that had 100 dissolving microneedles with chondroitin sulfate by microfabrication technology. Pharmacodynamic evaluation was performed by applying two or four patches to(More)
Four new cardenolide monoglycosides, cardenolides N-1 (1), N-2 (2), N-3 (3), and N-4 (4), were isolated from Nerium oleander, together with two known cardenolides, 5 and 12, and seven cardenolide monoglycosides, 6-11 and 13. The structures of compounds 1-4 were established on the basis of their spectroscopic data. The in vitro anti-inflammatory activity of(More)
A requirements analysis step plays a significant role on the development of information systems, and in this step we produce various kinds of abstract models of the systems (called requirements models) according to the adopted development processes, e.g. class diagrams in the case of adopting object-oriented development. However, constructing these models(More)
A new cardenolide diglycoside (1) was isolated from Nerium oleander together with ten known cardenolide diglycosides 2-11. The structure of compound 1 was established on the basis of their spectroscopic data. The in vitro anti-inflammatory activity of compounds 1-11 was examined on the basis of inhibitory activity against the induction of the intercellular(More)
Differentiation of human neuroblastoma recapitulates neural crest development. In our whole genome DNA methylation screening of tissue-specific differentially methylated regions (T-DMRs) and developmental stage specific differentially methylated regions (DS-DMRs) we reported that the exon 5 CpG island (CpGi) of Zfp206(More)
Robot technologies, such as robot technology middleware (RTM) that is a component-oriented platform, are popular. However, RTM does not ensure stable real-time processing in common object request broker architecture. In this paper, a collaboration framework of RTM and TOPPERS embedded component system (TECS) is proposed to address this problem. TECS, a(More)
INTRODUCTION Aberrant methylation levels in the cytosine-phosphate-guanine island (CpGi) region from exon 1 to intron 1 of the zygote arrest 1 (ZAR1) gene have been reported in several types of human cancers, including melanoma, brain tumor, and hepatocellular carcinoma. In the present study, methylation levels at the CpGi of ZAR1 exon 1/intron 1 in bladder(More)