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O(2) is the ultimate electron acceptor for mitochondrial respiration, a process catalyzed by cytochrome c oxidase (COX). In yeast, COX subunit composition is regulated by COX5a and COX5b gene transcription in response to high and low O(2), respectively. Here we demonstrate that in mammalian cells, expression of the COX4-1 and COX4-2 isoforms is O(2)(More)
For designing aesthetic surfaces, such as the car bodies, it is very important to use aesthetic curves as characteristic lines. In such curves, the curvature should be monotonically varying, since it dominates the distortion of reflected images on curved surfaces. In this paper, we present an interactive control method of log-aesthetic space curves. We(More)
The protein expressions of steroidogenic factor l (SF-l) and pituitary-specific transcription factor 1 (Pit-1) were investigated immunohistochemically for 53 spontaneous pituitary adenomas of the pars distalis from male Crl:CD(SD) rats. Luteinizing hormone (LH)-positive/prolactin (PRL)-negative and LH-negative/PRL-positive adenomas showed that the(More)
This report describes the morphological and immunohistochemical characteristics of an adrenocortical carcinoma with distant metastasis in a Sprague-Dawley rat. Macroscopically, a single large mass was observed in the adrenal gland, and multiple nodules were noted in the lung, liver and thyroid. Histologically, the adrenal tumor consisted of a solid growth(More)
Sustained virologic response with peg-interferon and ribavirin combination therapy for 48 weeks is still inadequate. Our study examined whether short-term administration of retinol clinically influences the anti-viral activity of interferon early during interferon and ribavirin combination therapy. The control group received 6 MIU of interferon alpha-2b(More)