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A population-based cohort study was conducted to assess the relationship between total mortality and self-reported sleep patterns as regards not only to sleep duration but also subjective sleep quality. A total of 5,322 inhabitants in Gifu Prefecture, Japan, completed a self-administered questionnaire on health status and lifestyles including habitual sleep(More)
To estimate an annual number of patients treated for Moyamoya disease in Japan and to describe the clinico-epidemiological features, a nationwide epidemiological survey was conducted in 1995. The study consisted of two questionnaires, which were distributed to departments randomly selected, of neurosurgery, neurology and pediatrics in hospitals throughout(More)
This paper aimed to explore descriptive epidemiological features of pancreatic cancer in Japan, by examining secular trends in mortality (1950-1995) and incidence rates (1975-1991), and also to discuss background factors possibly ascribable to the recent variation in mortality and incidence rates. The age-adjusted mortality rate (adjusted by the 1985 model(More)
A self-administered 97-item simple food frequency questionnaire (FFQ), without portion size questions for most items, was completed twice at an one-year interval by 88 men and women in central Japan to evaluate its reproducibility. This FFQ was further validated by referring to four 4-day weighed dietary records (DRs) which were performed at 3-month(More)
We developed a simple food frequency questionnaire (FFQ) based on one-day dietary records (DRs) among 1001 subjects in Nagoya, Japan. A total of 97 foods and dishes were selected through a two-step procedure; first by ranking food items according to the contribution to the population intake of nutrient variables, and second by stepwise multiple regression(More)
To estimate prevalence and incidence of adult Still's disease in Japan, and to describe the epidemiological features of the patients, a nationwide epidemiological survey was conducted in 1994. The study consisted of two questionnaires which were distributed to the heads of the relevant departments, randomly sampled, in hospitals throughout Japan. Following(More)
A discontinuous Percoll density gradient was employed for the selective isolation of human X-bearing sperm. The fraction rich in X-bearing sperm that sedimented through eight steps of a Percoll density gradient was inseminated into healthy volunteers. Six couples achieved pregnancy and each delivered a female baby without abnormality. For further(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate the changes in endogenous bifidobacteria and administered Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis (B. lactis) GCL2505 (GCL2505) in the intestine after administration of GCL2505 by means of a randomized, placebo-controlled double-blind, cross-over study. An increase in the number of total bifidobacteria (the sum of B.(More)
To disclose the association between smoking habits and lung cancer in Okinawa, Japan, we analyzed the data from a case-control study conducted from 1988 to 1991. The analysis, based on 333 cases and 666 age-, sex- and residence-matched population controls, provided the following major findings. (a) The odds ratios (ORs) for current smokers relative to(More)
We conducted a self-administered questionnaire survey to a total of 5239 elderly persons in four areas in Japan in 1993, which inquired about past lifestyles and present social activities. Based on the survey data, we first developed social activity measures, and then examined associations of the present total social activity measure with past lifestyles(More)