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The role of bio-aerosols in the spread of disease and spoilage of food has been described in numerous studies; nevertheless this information at South African hospitals is limited. Attributable to their size, bio-aerosols may be suspended in the air for long periods placing patients at risk of infection and possibly settling on surfaces resulting in food(More)
Our study assessed whether municipal health services were informed about and exerted adequate control over the informal milk-producing sector in South Africa. The results indicated that municipal health services had limited control. Only one municipality was authorised to allow the sale of raw milk in its area. In most metropolitan and district(More)
Mycotoxins, together with endotoxins, represent important classes of naturally occurring contaminants in food products, posing significant health risks to consumers. The aim of this study is to investigate the occurrence of both Fusarium mycotoxins and endotoxins in commercially produced traditional banana beer. Two brands of commercially produced(More)
Abu Abdul-Quader Sue Adams Rob Baller Ferran Ballester John Beard Ricky Bluthenthal Laura Bogart Jean-Francois Boivin Sebastian Bonner Matt Breiding Sheana Bull Regina Bures Scott Burris Tony Butler Waleska Caiaffa Aimee Campbell Richard Carpiano Ester Cerin Mary Ann Chiasson John Chin Claudia Chiriboga Gerardo Chowell Luz Claudio Phil Coffin Philip Cook(More)
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