Rygana Abdulla

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INTRODUCTION Research has implied that the immune system plays a role in the pathogenesis of MDS and that T-cells are reacting to tumour antigen present on the surface of the malignant cells. This could imply that the immune system could be utilized to generate immune based therapy. The aim of this pilot study was to examine the feasibility of studying this(More)
Our aim was to examine in 17 patients with MDS the effects of PMA activated and non-activated autologous lymphocytes on selected bone marrow CD34+ progenitors, in dose response studies. We used a double layer culture technique. Compared with controls, there was no difference in the colony growth promoting capacity of autologous PMA stimulated or(More)
The immunodepleting effects of alemtuzumab on peripheral blood progenitor cell (PBPC) grafts for stem cell transplantation need to be better defined. The optimal graft cell concentration, antibody dose, need for complement, and whether alemtuzumab is infused with the graft during transplantation remain unclear. PBPC from 6 normal allogeneic stem cell donors(More)
Oxidation-reduction (redox) potential measurements were made in the blood of rabbits subjected to hemorrhagic shock followed by treatment with a mild oxidizing agent (albumin). Control redox potential reading corrected for pH was −8.8±1.3 millivolts (mV) in arterial blood (A) and −18.0±2.0 mV in venous blood (V). This A-V difference indicated that hydrogen(More)
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