Ryde N. James

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Tree growth and form are both influenced by crown architecture and how it effects leaf distribution and light interception. This study examined the vertical distribution of foliage in 4-year-old plantation-grown Eucalyptus pilularis Sm. and E. cloeziana F. Muell. trees. Leaf area (LA) distribution was determined at two different sites using allometric(More)
Canberra, the capital of Australia since 1911, has been developed into a modern city from its original site on a nearly treeless plain. Today the city has about 300,000 inhabitants and 500,000 trees. The authors were requested by the managers of the urban public tree resource to survey their asset and to develop a computer-based system that would aid them(More)
Geographe Bay, south-western Australia has been host to several past mass live cetacean (whale and dolphin) strandings. It is noticed that the majority of stranded whales tend to be healthy, toothed cetaceans (Odontoceti) which employ echolocation as a method of navigation. This paper explores a bioacoustic mechanism known as sonar termination as a major(More)
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