Ryann M. McFee

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Morphological male sex determination is dependent on migration of endothelial and preperitubular cells from the adjacent mesonephros into the developing testis. Our hypothesis is that VEGFA and its receptor KDR are necessary for both testicular cord formation and neovascularization. The Vegfa gene has 8 exons with many splice variants. Vegfa120, Vegfa164,(More)
We hypothesized that vascular endothelial growth factor A (VEGFA) angiogenic isoforms and their receptors, FLT1 and KDR, regulate follicular progression in the perinatal rat ovary. Each VEGFA angiogenic isoform has unique functions (based on its exons) that affect diffusibility, cell migration, branching, and development of large vessels. The Vegfa(More)
Our objectives were to evaluate kinase insert domain protein receptor (KDR)-β-galactosidase (LacZ) expression as a marker for vascular development during gonadal morphogenesis and to determine whether any novel non-angiogenic KDR-LacZ expression was present in mouse testes or ovaries. Gonads were collected from mice expressing LacZ driven by the Kdr(More)
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