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As computational modeling plays an increasingly central role in biochemical research, it is important to provide students with exposure to common modeling methods in their undergraduate curriculum. This article describes a series of computer labs designed to introduce undergraduate students to energy minimization, molecular dynamics simulations, and(More)
Bacterial cyclic nucleotide gated (bCNG) channels are generally a nonmechanosensitive subset of the mechanosensitive channel of small conductance (MscS) superfamily. bCNG channels are composed of an MscS channel domain, a linking domain, and a cyclic nucleotide binding domain. Among bCNG channels, the channel domain of Ss-bCNGa, a bCNG channel from(More)
UNLABELLED Vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) has been extensively studied as a vaccine vector and oncolytic agent. Nevertheless, safety concerns have limited its widespread use in humans. The type III lambda interferon (IFN-λ) family of cytokines shares common signaling pathways with the IFN-α/β family and thus evokes similar antiviral activities. However,(More)
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