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Recent whole-genome approaches to microbial phylogeny have emphasized partitioning genes into functional classes, often focusing on differences between a stable core of genes and a variable shell. To rigorously address the effects of partitioning and combining genes in genome-level analyses, we developed a novel technique called Random Addition(More)
This paper deals with the study of 927 patients of both sexes, with multiprogramable pacemakers implanted during 1987-1988 period, at the "Comandante Manuel Fajardo" Teaching Hospital and the Institute of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery. Complications accounted for 14.9% and the most frequent were, in decreasing order, as follows: sepsis of the pocket(More)
J. C. Liu, D. Busick1, K. R. Kase, R. C. McCall2, R. Sit and H. Tran3 Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, P. O. Box 4349, Stanford, CA 94309 Abstract The need for providing personnel external monitoring for exposure to lowenergy photon (< 150 keV) and beta radiation at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC) has been studied. At SLAC, a high energy(More)
Currently Napster’s future is very uncertain. What does this mean to us? If Napster does in fact lose its case, this will prove that a centralized model of peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing will not work for the uncontrolled distribution of data. The use of this type of network may be controversial since it is popularly used to share copyrighted or illegal(More)
Increasingly technology has become more of an asset in our every day lives. It has been become common to see significant investments in hardware, software, and network technologies. To rationalize such expenditures end users, ISVs, and OEMs are ever more aware of new applications that could help increase the return on investment. A possible solution to add(More)
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