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10 patients (mean age 23.1, range 17.1-40.5 years), 8 with cystic fibrosis (CF), and 2 with advanced bronchiectasis without CF, were taught, while being treated in hospital for exacerbations of pseudomonas infection, how to continue to give themselves intravenous antibiotics at home. They were discharged after satisfactory antibiotic levels had been(More)
In response to federal legislative reform aimed, in part, at reducing consumer bankruptcy filings, the authors conducted 2 experiments examining the role of affect in purchasing behavior. In Experiment 1, they examined consumer debtors, and in Experiment 2, they examined nondebtors. In both experiments, they investigated purchasing decisions made during a(More)
or the United States. Upon arrival in court he or she is beset by a complex system of rules and procedures that are well rehearsed and well understood by the professionals who work in those settings, but complicated and obtuse to the newcomer. In some jurisdictions, the complexity is amplifi ed by the jury selection process. In Canada, for example, two lay(More)
A dual processing model of sexual harassment judgments predicted that the behavior of a complainant in a prior case would influence evaluations in an unrelated subsequent case. In the first of two experimental scenarios depicting social-sexual conduct at work, the female complainant's conduct was manipulated to be aggressive, submissive, ambiguous, or(More)