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Using corridors for conservation is increasing despite a lack of consensus on their efficacy. Specifically, whether corridors increase movement of plants and animals between habitat fragments has been addressed on a case-by-case basis with mixed results. Because of the growing number of well-designed experiments that have addressed this question, we(More)
The research investigates the role of the immotile chondrocytic primary cilium in the growth plate. This study was motivated by (i) the recent evidence of the mechano-sensorial function of the primary cilium in kidney tubule epithelial cells and (ii) the distinct three-dimensional orientation patterns that the chondrocytic primary cilium forms in articular(More)
  • Peter J Frischmann, Ryan Wilson, Cristi Gleason, Linda Krull, Lillian Mills, Tom Omer +5 others
  • 2008
Commentary during the development of FASB Interpretation No. 48 suggests the interpretation could be costly for firms because new disclosure requirements could be used by the IRS to more effectively challenge uncertain tax positions. Stock returns around FIN 48 pronouncements suggest investors were not concerned about an increase in tax costs, and investors(More)
We examine whether public pressure related to compliance with subsidiary disclosure rules influences corporate tax behavior. ActionAid International, a non-profit activist group, levied public pressure on non-compliant U.K. firms in the FTSE 100 to comply with a rule requiring U.K. firms to disclose the location of all of their subsidiaries. We use this(More)
Integrin-linked kinase (ILK) is an important scaffold protein that mediates a variety of cellular responses to integrin stimulation by extracellular matrix proteins. Mice with epidermis-restricted inactivation of the Ilk gene exhibit pleiotropic phenotypic defects, including impaired hair follicle morphogenesis, reduced epidermal adhesion to the basement(More)
The American Jobs Creation Act of 2004 was signed into law on October 22, 2004. One of the most significant aspects of this legislation is a temporary tax holiday for dividend repatriations from foreign subsidiaries. U.S. multinational corporations may elect during a one-year window to deduct 85 percent of extraordinary cash dividends received from foreign(More)
Recommended Citation Kim, Jaewoo. "Asymmetric timely loss recognition, private debt markets, and underinvestment: evidence from the collapse of the junk bond market. ABSTRACT This paper uses the collapse of the junk bond market in the early 1990s as a natural experiment to examine the effect of asymmetric timely loss recognition (ATLR) on speculative-grade(More)
Haplotyping of human chromosomes is a prerequisite for cataloguing the full repertoire of genetic variation. We present a microfluidics-based, linked-read sequencing technology that can phase and haplotype germline and cancer genomes using nanograms of input DNA. This high-throughput platform prepares barcoded libraries for short-read sequencing and(More)
In the Arctic Ocean's southern Beaufort Sea (SB), the length of the sea ice melt season (i.e., period between the onset of sea ice break-up in summer and freeze-up in fall) has increased substantially since the late 1990s. Historically, polar bears (Ursus maritimus) of the SB have mostly remained on the sea ice year-round (except for those that came ashore(More)