Ryan Wilson

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Our goal was to characterize the effects of intensive aphasia therapy on the N400, an electrophysiological index of lexical-semantic processing. Immediately before and after 4 weeks of intensive speech-language therapy, people with aphasia performed a task in which they had to determine whether spoken words were a 'match' or a 'mismatch' to pictures of(More)
The research investigates the role of the immotile chondrocytic primary cilium in the growth plate. This study was motivated by (i) the recent evidence of the mechano-sensorial function of the primary cilium in kidney tubule epithelial cells and (ii) the distinct three-dimensional orientation patterns that the chondrocytic primary cilium forms in articular(More)
— We consider cooperative control of robots involving two different testbed systems in remote locations in different time zones, with communication on the internet. The goal is to have all robots properly follow a leader defined on one of the testbeds, while maintaining non-overlapping positions within each swarm and between swarms, assuming they are(More)
Combining interactive visualization with automated analytical methods like statistics and data mining facilitates data-driven discovery. These visual analytic methods are beginning to be instantiated within mixed-initiative systems, where humans and machines collaboratively influence evidence-gathering and decision-making. But an open research question is(More)
The Simon effect refers to the relatively poorer response times and accuracy when responding to targets that appear in a task-irrelevant spatial location that is incongruent with the location of the correct response key, compared with targets that appear in spatially congruent locations. Like Stroop and flanker effects, the Simon effect is thought to result(More)
Plasticity in behavior is mirrored by corresponding plasticity in the brain in many songbird species. In some species, song system nuclei (Phillmore et al. [2006]: J Neurobiol 66:1002-1010) are larger in birds in breeding condition than birds in nonbreeding condition, possibly due to increased vocal output in spring. FOXP2, a transcription factor associated(More)
1 Abstract The chondrocytic primary cilium has been hypothesized to act as a mechanosensor similar to the primary cilium of epithelial cells. However, the function of the primary cilium and its connection with cellular organization is unknown. In this paper we present a mathematical approach to automatically collect, analyze , and simulate the process of(More)