Ryan W. Davis

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A large fraction of the cost of DNA sequencing and other DNA-analysis processes results from the reagent costs incurred during cycle sequencing or PCR. In particular, the high cost of the enzymes and dyes used in these processes often results in thermal cycling costs exceeding $0.50 per sample. In the case of high-throughput DNA sequencing, this is a(More)
Bioelectric potentials associated with the developing deer antler throughout its growth cycle can be correlated with the rate of longitudinal bone growth. Electrodes were connected to a high input impediance microvoltmeter, and potentials on the surface of antlers of mature deer were measured during the antler growth cycle. The reference electrode was(More)
Recently, several endophytic fungi have been demonstrated to produce volatile organic compounds (VOCs) with properties similar to fossil fuels, called “mycodiesel,” while growing on lignocellulosic plant and agricultural residues. The fact that endophytes are plant symbionts suggests that some may be able to produce lignocellulolytic enzymes, making them(More)
Although great efforts have been made to elucidate the phenotypic responses of alga to varying levels of nutrients, osmotic environments, and photosynthetically active radiation intensities, the role of interactions among these variables is largely nebulous. Here, we describe a general method for establishing and maintaining semi-continuous cultures of the(More)
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