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Synthetic biology has grown tremendously over the past fifteen years. It represents a new strategy to develop biological understanding and holds great promise for diverse practical applications. Engineering of a gene circuit typically involves computational design of the circuit, selection of circuit components, and test and optimization of circuit(More)
Engineered bacteria have great potential for medical and environmental applications. Fulfilling this potential requires controllability over engineered behaviors and scalability of the engineered systems. Here, we present a platform technology, microbial swarmbot, which employs spatial arrangement to control the growth dynamics of engineered bacteria. As a(More)
From the timing of amoeba development to the maintenance of stem cell pluripotency, many biological signaling pathways exhibit the ability to differentiate between pulsatile and sustained signals in the regulation of downstream gene expression. While the networks underlying this signal decoding are diverse, many are built around a common motif, the(More)
The distribution of blood groups of the AB0, Rh, MN, and Kell systems were studied in migrants of a northern town of reproductive age and their newborn babies. Migrants of different ethnic groups exhibited significantly different frequencies of AB0 and Rh phenotypes. Maternal sera were tested for the presence of isoimmune antibodies to determine AB0(More)