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Fermionic symmetry protected topological phases and cobordisms
A bstractIt has been proposed recently that interacting Symmetry Protected Topological Phases can be classified using cobordism theory. We test this proposal in the case of Fermionic SPT phases with
Higher symmetry and gapped phases of gauge theories
We study topological field theory describing gapped phases of gauge theories where the gauge symmetry is partially Higgsed and partially confined. The TQFT can be formulated both in the continuum and
Comments on abelian Higgs models and persistent order
A natural question about Quantum Field Theory is whether there is a deformation to a trivial gapped phase. If the underlying theory has an anomaly, then symmetric deformations can never lead to a
Fermionic SPT phases in higher dimensions and bosonization
A bstractWe discuss bosonization and Fermionic Short-Range-Entangled (FSRE) phases of matter in one, two, and three spatial dimensions, emphasizing the physical meaning of the cohomological
Anomalies of discrete symmetries in various dimensions and group cohomology
We study 't Hooft anomalies for discrete global symmetries in bosonic theories in 2, 3 and 4 dimensions. We show that such anomalies may arise in gauge theories with topological terms in the action,
Gauging spatial symmetries and the classification of topological crystalline phases
We put the theory of interacting topological crystalline phases on a systematic footing. These are topological phases protected by space-group symmetries. Our central tool is an elucidation of what
Fusion Category Symmetry I: Anomaly In-Flow and Gapped Phases
We study generalized discrete symmetries of quantum field theories in 1+1D generated by topological defect lines with no inverse. In particular, we describe 't Hooft anomalies and classify gapped
Gapless Topological Phases and Symmetry-Enriched Quantum Criticality
We introduce topological invariants for critical bosonic and fermionic chains. More generally, the symmetry properties of operators in the low-energy conformal field theory (CFT) provide discrete
Framed Wilson operators, fermionic strings, and gravitational anomaly in 4d
A bstractWe study gapped systems with anomalous time-reversal symmetry and global gravitational anomaly in three and four spacetime dimensions. These systems describe topological order on the
Non-Fermi Liquids as Ersatz Fermi Liquids: General Constraints on Compressible Metals
A system with charge conservation and lattice translation symmetry has a well-defined filling $\nu$, which is a real number representing the average charge per unit cell. We show that if $\nu$ is