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In this paper, we present CGMgraph, the first integrated library of parallel graph methods for PC clusters based on Coarse Grained Multicomputer (CGM) algorithms. CGM-graph implements parallel methods for various graph problems. Our implementations of deterministic list ranking , Euler tour, connected components, spanning forest, and bipartite graph(More)
We present the first parallel algorithm for building a Hausdorff Voronoi diagram (HVD). Our algorithm is targeted towards cluster computing architectures and computes the Hausdorff Voronoi diagram for non-crossing objects in time O(n log 4 n p) for input size n and p processors. In addition, our parallel algorithm also implies a new sequential HVD algorithm(More)
This paper describes the use of a distributed cloud computing system for high-throughput computing (HTC) scientific applications. The distributed cloud computing system is composed of a number of separate Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) clouds that are utilized in a unified infrastructure. The distributed cloud has been in production-quality operation(More)
We have developed a highly scalable application, called Shoal, for tracking and utilizing a distributed set of HTTP web caches. Our application uses the Squid HTTP cache. Squid servers advertise their existence to the Shoal server via AMQP messaging by running Shoal Agent. The Shoal server provides a simple REST interface that allows clients to determine(More)
Branch predication is a program transformation technique that combines instructions of multiple branches of an if statement into a straight-line sequence and associates each instruction of the sequence with a predicate. The branch predication improves the execution of branch statements on processors that support predicated execution of instruction, e.g.,(More)
  • Jaclyn Siniora, Ryan Taylor, Darren Suey, Jay Singh
  • 2012
With the increasing problem in collegiate athletes experiencing injuries to the brain, different helmet liners where put to the test to see which liner provided athletes the greatest protection under specific conditions. This senior project evaluates five different liners in football helmets. Each of the helmet liners were tested at three different(More)
This paper describes the use of a distributed cloud computing system for high energy physics (HEP) applications. The system is composed of IaaS clouds integrated into a unified infrastructure that has been in production for over two years. It continues to expand in scale and sites, encompassing more than twenty clouds on three continents. We are prototyping(More)
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