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In the present studies, we examined the effects of chronic restraint on behavior in the conditioned defensive burying paradigm, a well-validated test of anxiety. This test is based on the findings that rodents tend to cover or bury the source of a noxious or aversive stimulus. However, little is known about whether prior chronic stress exposure can alter(More)
Although it has not yet been universally adopted, pest management figures prominently in current planning. For pest management to be effective, agricultural scientists must adopt an interdisciplinary approach to solving problems; this means considering not only complexes of pests including insects, pathogens, and weeds, but whole crop systems. The(More)
Nasal spray from lemon and quince (LQNS) is used to treat hay fever symptoms and has been shown to inhibit histamine release from mast cells in vitro. Forty-three patients with grass pollen allergy (GPA) were randomized to be treated either with placebo or LQNS for one week, respectively, in a cross-over study. At baseline and after the respective(More)
Each anatomic region of the head and neck has physiologic variations that can mimic a primary tumor or lymph node. Many of these variations can be recognized as reflecting benign lymphoid, salivary, brown fat, and muscular activity. A few artifacts are related to computed tomography (CT) attenuation. A knowledge of tumor types and patterns of lymph node and(More)
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