Ryan Stephens

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Induced abortion data provided an estimate of 4.7% numerical chromosome anomalies for women with a clinically recognized pregnancy at the end of the 7th week after the last menstrual period (LMP). This frequency requires that 51.9% of spontaneous abortions occurring after the 7th week should be chromosomally abnormal if the frequency of numerical chromosome(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Anastomotic leaks with abscess formation are a common complication after bowel surgery in Crohn's disease patients. Image-guided percutaneous drainage is an attractive alternative to reoperation because of decreased morbidity and length of hospital stay. Because data for this specific population are scarce, the purpose of this study is(More)
A retrospective survey of 612 eyes that had undergone cataract extraction and IOL implantation was undertaken to evaluate the accuracy of ultrasound biometry combined with keratometry using the SRK regression formula, for the preoperative prediction of intraocular lens powers. A mean error of +0.35 dioptre sphere (DS) (SD +/- 0.98) was found for the series(More)
The electrochemical deposition of metals on foreign substrates is a complex process which includes a number of phase formation phenomena. The first step of the electrodeposition of a metal(Me) on a foreign substrate(S) is the formation of single Me-adatoms. The adatom-substrate(Me-S) binding energy and the misfit between the crystal lattices of the foreign(More)
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