Ryan Spring

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A wide range of watermarking evaluation approaches and especially image benchmarking suites have been described in the literature. Our paper sets the main focus on the evaluation of digital audio watermarking with StirMark Benchmark for Audio (SMBA). Here we describe the currently implemented single geometric attacks in detail and introduce our so-called(More)
Current deep learning architectures are growing larger in order to learn from enormous datasets. These architectures require giant matrix multiplication operations to train millions or billions of parameters during forward and back propagation steps. These operations are very expensive from a computational and energy standpoint. We present a novel technique(More)
Since Talmy (2000 a&b) introduced his linguistic typology based on event conflation, it has been the source of much debate and ongoing research. One area that can particularly benefit from such research is the field of Second Language Acquisition. Cadierno (2008), Inagaki (2002) and many others have attempted to unveil the differences and difficulties that(More)
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