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BACKGROUND Laparoscopic and robotic simple prostatectomy (SP) have been introduced with the aim of reducing the morbidity of the standard open technique. OBJECTIVE To report a large multi-institutional series of minimally invasive SP (MISP). DESIGN, SETTING, AND PARTICIPANTS Consecutive cases of MISP done for the treatment of bladder outlet obstruction(More)
This is, to the best of our knowledge, the first report on amyloid deposits in menisci. Fragments of menisci gained by arthroscopy from 316 patients between 20 and 80 years of age were examined. Amyloid was found in 70% of the cases from male, as well as female patients. The amyloid amount found was always very small, but the deposits seemed to increase(More)
The Küntscher nail has proved successful in the treatment of non-unions of the median third of the femur and lower leg after opening of the medullary cavity; in fact, this method is described in literature as the method of choice. It is based on the assumption that a sufficiently dimensioned intramedullary Küntscher nail together with the biological(More)
The effect of prolonged inspiration time and PEEP on compliance, haemodynamics and gas exchange was studied on 15 patients, who were ventilated because of respiratory distress syndrome. The patients were ventilated by the Servoventilator 900 BR connected with a calculation unit. The inspiration time varied from 35 to 70%, the PEEP from 0 to 20 cm H2O. All(More)
With the type of external bone anchorage made from metal and usually employed in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the considerable weight of such anchorages and their imperviousness to X-rays are major drawbacks. For this reason, the prototype of an external fixation agent was developed which does not posses these disadvantages. Fibre-reinforced polymeric(More)
The "fixateur externe" made from polymer engineering materials offers the following advantages over systems made from metal: it is largely transparent to x-rays; the weight is significantly lower; shape and surface are body-compatible; manipulation is easy; and production can be effected at a reasonable price. A multitude of variants in respect to mounting(More)