Ryan Sinclair

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The notion of complex energy landscape underpins the intriguing dynamical behaviors in many complex systems ranging from polymers, to brain activity, to social networks and glass transitions. The spin glass state found in dilute magnetic alloys has been an exceptionally convenient laboratory frame for studying complex dynamics resulting from a hierarchical(More)
We have performed magnetic susceptibility, heat capacity, muon spin relaxation, and neutron scattering measurements on three members of the family Ba3M Ru2O9, where M = In, Y and Lu. These systems consist of mixed-valence Ru dimers on a triangular lattice with antiferromagnetic interdimer exchange. Although previous work has argued that charge order within(More)
High-resolution transmission electron microscopy and scanning tunneling microscopy have been combined to examine the structure of the thin "native" oxide that forms on silicon surfaces at room temperature. Differences in the cleaning procedures for silicon wafers may affect the morphology of this oxide and critically influence further processing on the(More)
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