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Arabidopsis thaliana has emerged as a model system for studies of plant genetics and development, and its genome has been targeted for sequencing by an international consortium (the Arabidopsis Genome Initiative; http://genome-www.stanford.edu/Arabidopsis/agi.html). To support the genome-sequencing effort, we fingerprinted more than 20,000 BACs (ref. 2)(More)
Subjects were grouped into eight experimental groups to control for mental age (MA) and chronological age (CA) and at the same time to allow the examination of the effects due to the proportion of lifetime spent institutionalised on an objective measure of social dependency. The results suggest that the longer proportion of life-time institutionalised, the(More)
The role of MA and visual-perceptual ability in number concept development was examined with nonretarded and retarded children from regular school settings. Both groups were matched on MA and divided into high and low perceptual-ability levels. Using the Dodwell Number Concept Test, we tested each subject on various Piagetian tasks. Although retarded and(More)
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