Ryan Sayers

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Activation of caspase-3 requires proteolytic processing of the inactive zymogen into p18 and p12 subunits. We generated a rabbit polyclonal antiserum, CM1, which recognizes the p18 subunit of cleaved caspase-3 but not the zymogen. CM1 demonstrated an apparent specificity for activated caspase-3 by specifically immunolabelling only apoptotic but not necrotic(More)
We introduce calculus-based formulas for the continuous Euler and homotopy operators. The 1D continuous homotopy operator automates integration by parts on the jet space. Its 3D generalization allows one to invert the total divergence operator. As a practical application, we show how the operators can be used to symbolically compute local conservation laws(More)
Algorithms for the symbolic computation of conserved densities, fluxes, generalized symmetries, and recursion operators for systems of nonlin-ear differential-difference equations are presented. In the algorithms we use discrete versions of the Fréchet and variational derivatives, as well as discrete Euler and homotopy operators. The algorithms are(More)
1 Purpose • Design symbolic code (in Mathematica) to automate the computation of conservation laws (symmetries, recursion operators) of nonlinear systems of PDEs and DDEs. • Systems of PDEs in (1 + 1) and (3 + 1) dimensions with polynomial as well as transcendental nonlinearities. • Systems involving arbitrary parameters (classification problems). • Extend(More)
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