Ryan S. Poland

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Our understanding of the active role that astrocytes play in modulating neuronal function and behavior is rapidly expanding, but little is known about the role that astrocytes may play in drug-seeking behavior for commonly abused substances. Given that the nucleus accumbens is critically involved in substance abuse and motivation, we sought to determine(More)
BACKGROUND Alcohol dependence (AD) shows evidence for genetic liability, but genes influencing risk remain largely unidentified. METHODS We conducted a genomewide association study in 706 related AD cases and 1,748 unscreened population controls from Ireland. We sought replication in 15,496 samples of European descent. We used model organisms (MOs) to(More)
Brain microinjection can aid elucidation of the molecular substrates of complex behaviors, such as motivation. For this purpose rodents can serve as appropriate models, partly because the response to behaviorally relevant stimuli and the circuitry parsing stimulus-action outcomes is astonishingly similar between humans and rodents. In studying molecular(More)
There are no FDA-approved pharmacotherapies for cocaine use disorder, indicating a need to identify novel reagents with therapeutic potential. Ibudilast is an anti-inflammatory glial attenuator and non-selective phosphodiesterase inhibitor currently undergoing clinical evaluations for methamphetamine, opiate, and alcohol abuse disorders. We previously(More)
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