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Emerging supercomputers strive to achieve an ever increasing performance metric at the cost of excessive power consumption and heat production. This expensive trend has prompted an increased interest in green computing. Green computing emphasizes the importance of energy conservation, minimizing the negative impact on the environment while achieving maximum(More)
High utilization of hardware resources is the key for designing performance and power optimized GPU applications. The efficiency of applications and kernels, which do not fully utilize the GPU resources, can be improved through concurrent execution with independent kernels and/or applications. Hyper-Q enables multiple CPU threads or processes to launch work(More)
The design of space based radars for detection of ground moving targets must consider several factors to be operationally effective. The high speed of the satellite coupled with unknown motion patterns of the ground moving vehicles requires efficient detection and geolocation algorithms, as well as dynamic tasking of the satellite. An end-to-end simulation(More)
The evolution of high performance computing technologies has enabled the large-scale implementation of neuromorphic models and pushed the research in computational intelligence into a new era. Among the machine learning applications, unsupervised detection of anomalous streams is especially challenging due to the requirements of detection accuracy and(More)
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