Ryan S Bennett

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Methamphetamine use is increasing in the US. Although there are no Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved medications for methamphetamine dependence, preclinical and clinical studies suggest that methamphetamine users may benefit from treatments that enhance cholinergic neurotransmission. Consequently, we determined the safety and the efficacy of(More)
Uspanteko (Guatemala; ∼2000 speakers) is an endangered K'ichean-branch Mayan language. It is unique among the K'ichean languages in having innovated a system of contrastive pitch accent, which operates alongside a separate system of non-contrastive stress. The prosody of Uspanteko is of general typological interest, given the relative scarcity of 'mixed'(More)
1 Background • The project: exploratory stumblings into the syntax/prosody interface in Irish • The larger goal: can we use prosodic landmarks to diagnose syntactic structure in Irish? • The data: o 25 sound files, analyzed instrumentally using Praat. o Older male speaker, from Donegal. o As much as possible, the utterances: • Were simple transitive(More)
Two questions: • THEORETICAL: What should derivational theories of phonology be used to do, and (how) do we pick from among the various alternatives? • EMPIRICAL: How can we use a derivational model of phonology to account for (Icelandic) syncope (IS)? Preview • In IS, the syncopating vowel is realized iff it is in a heavy syllable. • We can account for IS(More)
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