Ryan S. Adams

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Trace element content of feeds is extremely variable compared to total digestible nutrients or protein. Differences are wide between low and high values for many trace elements within a given type of feed. Coefficients of variation for forages range from 42 to 100%. Summary data are given for both major and trace elements. Problems in supplementation are(More)
Although the potential for wideband double-negative metamaterials using non-Foster circuit elements was described more than a decade ago, progress has been somewhat limited. Therefore, the analysis and simulation of a wideband microwave metamaterial are presented, where non-Foster elements are used as loads on split rings and on electric resonators. Using(More)
Current conveyors are an important component for implementing non-Foster circuits such as negative capacitors and negative resistors. However, different topologies exist for implementing negative capacitance using a current conveyor, and the performance of such topologies can vary greatly. Therefore, this paper considers two competing realizations of(More)
The process of developing optimal parallel applications is computationally expensive. The goal of this work is to design and validate a Markov chain based system-level performance prediction models to efficiently optimize parallel applications on shared memory multicore processors with coarse-grain thread level parallelism (TLP) like Intel Xeon Clover town.(More)
A number of factors limit the usefulness of blood or metabolic profiles. These include sampling problems, low correlations with nutrient intake, inconsistent patterns in disease, and difficulties in interpretation. Despite these limitations, profiles properly used may serve as an adjunct to more conventional technology in alleviating some dairy herd(More)
A novel unit cell and analysis are presented for a metamaterial with effective negative permittivity. The structure consists of two disks connected by a central post, and the analytic approach directly provides the electromagnetic field coupling to the resonant structure. By using Ampere’s circuital law in the development, the electromagnetic field effects(More)
There is renewed interest in the use of non-Foster circuit elements in a variety of important applications such as wideband impedance matching and artificial magnetic conductors. Although non-Foster devices such as negative capacitors and negative inductors can be realized using current conveyors and Linvill circuits, a digital design approach may offer an(More)
The Interpersonal Adjective Scales (IAS) is a well-supported instrument that is designed to map interpersonal traits onto the interpersonal circumplex. However, three versions of the IAS exist and these vary with respect to the degree to which they included item definitions (i.e., glossary added at the end, definitions attached to each item, and no(More)
The primary purpose of the current paper is to design a fast and accurate performance model framework for exploring various thread-to-core mapping strategies (MS) and estimating steady state cycles per instruction (CPI). It is directed towards efficiently exploring these performance metrics for large parallel applications for shared memory multicores. This(More)