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This paper provides a novel algorithm for automatically extracting social hierarchy data from electronic communication behavior. The algorithm is based on data mining user behaviors to automatically analyze and catalog patterns of communications between entities in a email collection to extract social standing. The advantage to such automatic methods is(More)
The in vitro percutaneous absorption of three model compounds, nicotinic acid, phenol and benzoic acid, and the herbicide triclopyr butoxyethyl ester (triclopyr BEE) has been investigated in flow-through diffusion cells using skin from male Fischer 344 rats and humans. After the application of the four chemicals to the epidermal surface of unoccluded(More)
We present our work on automatically extracting social hierarchies from electronic communication data. Data mining based on user behavior can be leveraged to analyze and catalog patterns of communications between entities to rank relationships. The advantage is that the analysis can be done in an automatic fashion and can adopt itself to organizational(More)
The behavioral economic concept of unit price predicts that consumption and response output (labor supply) are determined by the unit price at which a good is available regardless of the value of the cost and benefit components of the unit price ratio. Experiment 1 assessed 4 pigeons' consumption and response output at a range of unit prices. In one(More)
Correct administration of blood and the management of the transfused patient are a fundamental element of transfusion safety. Recently published guidelines from the British Committee for Standards in Haematology highlight that most serious transfusion complications occur within the first 15 minutes. They recommend baseline observations before and 15 minutes(More)
Disclaimer: The findings, suggestions, and conclusions presented in this publication are entirely those of the authors and should not be attributed in any manner to The Water Institute at UNC provides international academic leadership at the nexus of water, health and development. Through research, we tackle knowledge gaps that impede effective action on(More)
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