Ryan Ritchie

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The regular consumption of a palatable bran biscuit ( Fibermed ) improved bowel function and reduced laxative requirement in an elderly population in a long-stay geriatric unit. It was also associated with a significant increase in stool weight in a group of patients with distal colostomies. Fibermed would appear to be a useful dietary supplement for(More)
HUMAN AFRICAN TRYPANOSOMIASIS (HAT) MANIFESTS IN TWO STAGES OF DISEASE: firstly, haemolymphatic, and secondly, an encephalitic phase involving the central nervous system (CNS). New drugs to treat the second-stage disease are urgently needed, yet testing of novel drug candidates is a slow process because the established animal model relies on detecting(More)
A double blind crossover trial of baclofen against placebo in elderly stroke patients was discontinued because the drug produced an unacceptably high level of drowsiness. In a subsequent study baclofen 10 mg was given orally to 12 elderly stroke patients, and drug concentrations measured from a series of plasma samples. A group of healthy subjects given the(More)
Peripheral infection by Trypanosoma brucei, the protozoan responsible for sleeping sickness, activates lymphocytes, and, at later stages, causes meningoencephalitis. We have videoed the cortical meninges and superficial parenchyma of C56BL/6 reporter mice infected with T.b.brucei. By use of a two-photon microscope to image through the thinned skull, the(More)
Helminth parasites remain a major constraint upon human health and well-being in many parts of the world. Treatment of these infections relies upon a very small number of therapeutics, most of which were originally developed for use in animal health. A lack of high throughput screening systems, together with limitations of available animal models, has(More)