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BACKGROUND Bloodstream infections (BSI) have been traditionally classified as either community acquired (CA) or hospital acquired (HA) in origin. However, a third category of healthcare-associated (HCA) community onset disease has been increasingly recognized. The objective of this study was to compare and contrast characteristics of HCA-BSI with CA-BSI and(More)
Ultrasonography is increasingly used in medical education, but its impact on learning outcomes is unclear. Adding ultrasound may facilitate learning, but may also potentially overwhelm novice learners. Based upon the framework of cognitive load theory, this study seeks to evaluate the relationship between cognitive load associated with using ultrasound and(More)
Retrotransposons are the largest group of transposable elements (TEs) that are ubiquitous and well dispersed in plant genomes. Transposition/insertion of TEs on chromosomes often generates unique repeat junctions (RJs) between TEs and their flanking sequences. Long terminal repeats (LTR) are well conserved and abundant in plant genomes, making LTR(More)
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